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Rotary crimping tool

The problem of hose breakdown in the field is solved by a hand-held crimping tool according to the present invention. The crimping tool disclosed has


A rotary union is integrated into the interior of a heavy-duty vehicle hub cap (104; 162; 214). The hub cap includes a cylindrical sidewall, and

Rotary pressure/purge valve

A rotary pressure/purge valve for supplying pulsation free oxygen without the use of an interim oxygen storage tank in the nature of a surge tank or

Quick Release Rotary Turbo Nozzle - 5100psi

Designed to give a high pressure output and improved cleaning performance, over and above the standard rated pressure of washer itself. Suitable for all

Station HVLP Spray Coating System Utilizing a Rotary Vane

A high volume low pressure (HVLP) coating application system employing a rotary vane pump and manifold assembly that provides an improved source of air

Systems and methods for maintaining air pressure in tires

pressure in tires, comprising: a rotary air trailers normally operate at approximately 100 psi.tires 11 (see FIG. 1) through air hoses 44

RexrothINDRAMAT 109-0785-4B19-0

2013829-:20130829 click to collapse contents dcs RexrothINDRAMAT 109-0785-4B19-04 RexrothIND

Pressure washer having oilless high pressure pump

rotary motion of a rotating shaft to rectilinear and a pulse hose for absorbing pressure PSI (pounds per square inch) and flow rate of

High pressure liquid rotary nozzle with viscous retarder

A rotary high pressure liquid sealing assembly 000 psi, rotating speeds of 1,500 rpm and hose or lance threaded into the nut 15'. In


20111111-Rotary Drill Hose Extremely High Pressure (G6K, G5K(C13), (and also the hoses and fittings used to make

Rotary valve

The improved rotary valve includes a body and a valving block having a valve interface with at least two work ports. A rotatable valve plate is


2015112-AFA-NE-20 - 20 GPM - 500 PSI - 4.5 VDC -Pepperl + Fuchs FD2-PCU300A-EX.O14 Pressure PK D35 602 Single Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

ASCO 96-817-1-D //__

2012521- ASCO PA10A PRESSURE SWITCH NIB MERCOID PGW-103 FORK STANDARDS MBE-2121-0018-S?HC ROTARY SHAFT Graco Plus 243283 5000 psi spray Gun an

Ingersoll Rand UP6-7.5TAS-150 Rotary Screw Air Compressor,

For a best buy on the Ingersoll Rand UP6-7.5TAS-150 rotary screw air compressor with total air system & 80 gallon mounted tank, 7.5HP, 230-1-60V

Rotary joint for pressurized fluids

rotary joint of that same pressure rated flow joints are required to operate at 3,000 psi.hoses is significantly reduced as compared to

Collet Chucks and Collets - 600 UK -

100PSI-500LBS (227Kg) KNIGHT P/N:FPU-1- 199510794 High pressure twin hose 720B CEJN DN XLC28DNOB9AL ROTARY POWER 0263418 SCHUNK safety

Hose Fitting |

darwinplus.ru - V-belts and Hoses, OOO Transfurther the resultant concrete pressure ( in PSI Actuators/Cylinders Linear Rotary Rodless Valves

Hose Fitting |

darwinplus.ru - V-belts and Hoses, OOO Transfurther the resultant concrete pressure ( in PSI Actuators/Cylinders Linear Rotary Rodless Valves


0~5000psi,3000psi,220V AC,50Hz,-20℃~+65℃HSL10.100 DC24V/10A ROTARY CUP;Manufacturers partNR.162-136 500/1530VA,380-400-420/110V Thyro

Kelly Hose, Rotary Vibrator Drilling Hose, Choke & Kill Hose,

Jingbo Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd., founded in 1986,has 30 years’ experience in the oilfield hoses area and is the leading manufacturer of Kelly Hose

Dual high pressure rotary union for mechanical power press

rotary union and for providing two or more fluidshaft at oil pressure levels exceeding 1200 psi.hose or a pipe connected to a supply means 322

Rotary coupling

A rotary coupling for conducting high pressure liquid from a stationary source to a rotatable utilization device is disclosed. The coupling includes a hollow

Rotary manifold valve mechanism

A rotary manifold valve mechanism for sequentiallymeans of the hose assemblies as previously pressure of, for example, 1000 psi and at a

Rotary Positive Displacement Blower-

7026Rotary Positive Displacement Blower17/19 1530 / 695 1530 / 6957026 8.0 / 7.5 5.0 /RPMMAXIMUM PRESSUREDIFFERENTIALpsi / mbarMAXIMUM

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