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Hydrogen - Springer

1999. High H2 uptake by alkali-doped carbon propagation, instabilities, new type of chemical Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India

Polymerizable dye-monomer conjugates for encapsulating

Madras et al., Polymeric Dye Inkjet Colorants Pat. No. 6,894,105, including fluorochemical (alkali metals and amines, such as lithium

Well-aligned TiO 2 nanotube arrays for energy-related

Alternatively, the incorporation of alkali-species (e) 1.0 M and (f) 1.5 M under AM 1.5 Madras, J. Indian Inst. Sci., 90, 189–229

Assessing different zeolitic adsorbents for their potential

alkali cations 80 Adsorption isotherm of FAU LSX 100 80 60 40 20 0 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 Master of Science in Chemistry, Madras University,

Materials science research for sodium cooled fast reactors

200961-100 years and the burnup of fuel to 2,00,chemistry alkali metals (New York: Plenum Press), Ph D Thesis, University of Madras, Chennai

Extrakte von Betelpfefferblttern als Immunmodulator

<p align="left" num="0000">Ein Verfahren zur Induktion von IFNγ in mononukleären Zellen aus humanem peripherem Blut, wobei das Verfahren die

Optical and infrared properties of dichromate ion in alkali

infrared properties of dichromate ion in alkali Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Chemical Physics LettersRadhakrishna, S. , Sharma

ChemInform Abstract: Photocatalytic Properties of KBiO 3 and

Log In E-Mail Address Password Forgotten alkali metalsKBiO3 is synthesized by oxidation ofGIRIDHAR MADRAS,A SHUKLA.Journal of Chemical

Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering

alkali deacetylation, with the latter being the (Piccin et al., 2009) and termochemical K., Kota, R., Patil, S., Madras, G.,

“Foreman” 16 - Gujarat Alkalies And Chemical

reclaiming alkali soils of the Chambal Command soil physical properties, soil chemical properties,Sharma, S.CJain, V.KMadras agricultural journal

while affiliated with Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Indian Institute of Technology Madras and other 100 cycles when cycled using current densities astransfer and transport between the oxide

Method for the enzymatic of skins and hides

range 5-11.5, alkaline lipases (E.C.3.1.3. Yeshoda et al., Leather Science (Madras) 25( as well as alkali metal hydroxides, ammonia,

Study on the comparative inhibition of germination of

alkali tolerance, investigations have shown that ·9 2 90-7 9~-7 100'0 93,3 14·7 17·Madras agric J., 52: 386-390. VINODINI VAS

Jhelum and its tributaries for domestic and irrigation

1.5 4.6 1.6 1.4 0.1 – 13.4 3.7–9.8 6(i.e. 100%) are below < 500 mg/l of TDSquality in the coastal area of south Chennai,

Electron emissive materials for electric lamps and methods of

E, F, and G are alkali earth metal ions, physical and/or chemical thin-film deposition Venugopal, Shankar MadrasSrivastava, Alok M

finfishes and shellfishes inhabiting Ennore estuary, Madras

and oyster (Crassostrea madrasensis) inhabiting chemical complex including a chlor-alkali plant, References Anon (1579) Eff'ects of M e r c

Corresponding states theory and transport coefficients of

energy parameter gave as good, if not better, results for alkali metals. Department of Chemical Engineering, I.I.T. Madras, Chennai 600 036, India

Treatment of Chromium, Mercury, Lead, Uranium, and Arsenic in

+1.5 ≈ +2.9 Zn2+/Zn0 Cd2+/Cd0 Tl+/Tl0It is also used in the chlorine-alkali industry(Aarthi and Madras, 2008; Chen and Ray, 2001;

Synthetic tanning agents and process for their production

(Madras) 1976, 23 (1), 12-16 Claims: Claims: 1. A process for thethe resultant product is reacted with an alkali hydroxide to form a salt

requirement for reclaiming alkali soils of the madras State

study on the utility of different methods of assessing gypsum requirement for reclaiming alkali soils of the madras Statefertilizers, soil scienceGurusamy, N

Ultrasonic modification of selected polysaccharides - review.

chemical transformation, while diagnostic ultrasound medium frequency medium power ultrasound 100kHz-70. Sivalingam G, Agarwal N, Madras G (2004)

Thermoluminescence of Copper Doped Alkali Sulphate Phosphors

and Thermoluminescence of Copper Doped Alkali So ist durch Cu0 hervorgerufene Absorption bei Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Oral compositions which mask the salty taste of sodium

secondary or tertiary alkali phosphates, citric (e.g., PEG-400), or combinations thereof; Peppermint Red Madras N  10% Peppermint Red

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